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theonecalledrae whispered: HELLO !! i'm rae, the author of 'the faster we're falling' !! (this is my main tumblr blog, my anime side blog is 'suuuuga' !!) i just wanted to drop in and say that w OW THE ART YOU DREW FOR MY FIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I HAD A TERRIBLE WORK DAY BUT FINDING OUT ABOUT THE ART YOU DREW LITERALLY MADE MY SHITTY DAY WONDERFUL YOU ARE AN ACTUAL GIFT THANK YOU SO SO MUCH <3

Sorry for the super duper late reply aaaaaa but thank you for this message!! Nice to meet you, Rae!

And thank /YOU/ for the wonderful fic you wrote for this ship!! Everything was just so nice to read (Kuroo and Bokuto interaction slayed me so much, I wish I can draw it but Bokutoooo ____o<-<) But I’m glad to hear that the draw cheered you up! Hopefully, you’re having a wonderful day today tho and excited to read more of your works soon (if you’re planning anydskjfns)!! 

mikotobasusato-dono whispered: KURODAI AND ACE ATTORNEY HOLy shit hi i love your art


Mini Kurodai log from my twitter _(:///3/ L)_

falling faster with each passing day within the other's presence
Inspired by the story “the faster we’re falling" by raewrites in AO3. These scenes kept playing in my head so I had to draw it out aaa

Bok tweeted a prompt of Jean’s attempt to get them three in the pic but ends up cutting off Marco…….. 

I’ve posted an OTP meme before (lastyearcoughs) and I’m getting around on doing it now (since I need to vent huffs)— So, if anybody’s interested, drop me an ask and I’ll do as much as I can!!

But since I never shipped anybody in AA (everyone is like a big, happy court family lmfao), have some prosecution love because Bok sent me this pic and yeaaaaaah

Because they would always fight.

Because this happened (click at your own risk dkfjn— Eren by Bok btw) so that is happening… just plus Marco. I have no better explanation ///////o<-<



AA5 themed switcharound meme with Bok and Kyokou!

You can see who did what in the caption uwu;;; sorry I’m really bad at making templates and stuff…so have a photoset o<-< anywho this was super fun \o/ can’t wait for the new game!!!

It was so fun working with you two!!!! Thank you for inviting me to do this meme and dealingwithmyslownesswheeze perfect people

Working with awesome people!! Thank you guys!! uwu///////